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backed up worse than it was today. it will be clear skies, cold this morning for some, high clouds are about the only fly in the ointment and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. the developing news in san jose. >> plus a standoff between the fbi and oakland police, the new information just came in and we will have more, stay right here with us. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just warm weather and beaches. but i'm so much more. i'm movie sets and studio tours. i'm family, museums, and world-class art. and that's the point.
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good morning. huge crashes on the nimitz freeway have really missed the commute up. you are looking at live video of one of them. we'll tell you more about what it is doing to the traffic. >> reporter: police here are investigating a deadly hit-and- run collision. the around-the--clock search continues for a family who vanished during a -- the around-the--clock search continues for a family who vanished during a boat trip.
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good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we want to go right to sal. >> 880 at stevenson. this is vehicle taken with the motorcycle down on the ground. person riding it was taken away. a couple of other cars were involved. even though they cleared it, southbound 88 oh, the two lanes were blocked for about 40 minutes here. now they moved it to the shoulder. traffic on 880 is just a mess heading south. you see this video of the paramedic leaving the scene with the person on the motorcycle. we have another crash. this would be -- newschopper2
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is looking at new video here or some live video. northbound 880. newschopper2. let me get on the horn. you can hilt up a little bit. i want to -- tilt up a little bit. i want to see what it looks like. getting out of san leandro is not that bad. but the backup heading to oakland is bad. you will hit a wall of traffic up near high street here. in fact, we're close. just keep going up there. you will see traffic very, very slow beginning right near high street getting up to the area. i'm gonna put it on the map for you. 880 northbound is slow. 580 is the alternate route instead. use 580 for the time being, the crash has cleared it up and all of the lanes are opened. we'll have another traffic update in just a few minutes. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we'll look forward to that. we're continue to following developing news out of san jose where police are looking for the driver of a deadly hit and
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run. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is live at monterey and bellview with more on -- bellevue with more on why police need your help. >> reporter: good morning. police investigators left here about an hour ago concluding their four-hour investigation in this deadly hit-and-run collision. sid is panning into the road markings there as police continue to investigate this deadly hit-and-run crash that killed one woman trying to cross the street here on monterey and bellevue. police say she was trying to cross the street at 1:00 a.m., when the driver in what is described as some type of dark vehicle struck the woman. the driver of the car didn't stop and continued southbound on monterey. the woman was taken to a nearby hospital, but because her injuries were severe, she died at a nearby hospital sometime around 1:50. she has not been identified yet, pending notification of
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kin. besides that, police have not provided us with a solid car description osh the identity of -- or the identity of the victim. speed may have played a role in this crash. we have several cars into san jose police to figure out what may have caused this collision. to find out more on the car collision and as soon as we have more information we'll definitely pass it along to you on "mornings on 2." i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. the fbi is helping oakland police this morning in a major homicide investigation. it follows a marathon standoff that ended just hours ago early this morning. just a short time ago, tara moriarty received new information. she's back now with a live report from police headquarters. tara? >> reporter: well, police zeroed in on this particular home in east oakland because they believe a homicide suspect was there. when they arrived, there were more than a dozen people.
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police held them for questioning. we know that at least two arrests were made. the intense search lasted throughout the night. the fbi and the bomb squad helped surround the house on 88th avenue in between international boulevard and another street at 4:00 in the afternoon. officers were serving a search warrant on gangs for retal tari homicides -- retal tari homicides. the -- retaliatory homicides. items were removed from the home. we don't know if they were weapons. police are remaining very tight- lipped about this investigation. this investigation is being held out of the eastmont substakes. they don't come on the clock for another hour. we'll see if they have any new information coming up in our next hour, live from oakland,
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it's 7:05. new this morning, the federal government has released groups of immigrant detainees from jails across the country as a way to save money. a spokeswoman for immigration and customs enforcement says immigration officials have been asked to make sure that jail populations stay within budget. it comes ahead of impending budget cuts. it's not clear how many detainees were released but immigration officials say they will still pursue cases. in. in the meantime, president obama is meeting today with top nares. the president will sit down with john mccain and south carolina senator lindsey graham. they are part of the bipartisan gang of eight senators working on a plan for immigration reform. happening right now, a congressional hearing on those automatic spending cuts set to kick in this friday. the subcommittee of the house
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appropriations committee on defense is looking into the impact of the sequester cuts on the defense department. coming up at 7:15, the tug-of- war between president obama and republicans over what to do about the automatic spending cuts. 7:06. court documents giving new details about the recent murder of a south bay millionaire. suspected prostitute ka she frau fritz is one of those -- katrina fritz is one of those accused of being involved. court documents refer to one of kumar's main girls who had details of his mansion. her brothers is among three others charged in kumar's murder. san francisco police have opened up a homicide investigation into dallas ayers on market and montgomery back on january 28th. he was injured and died last
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thursday. he was 78. he sold "chronicles" for years. you may have seen him behind pete's coffee at the b.a.r.t. station. we want to check back in with sal. starting with the east bay. it's pretty crowded there. >> yes, it is. i want to start with the section of 880 in fremont. the drive time, usually about 20 minutes. this morning, it's very slow. it's backed up to almost 40 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue. that's not very good. sometimes our normal morning, it's about 20 minutes this is almost double the time it will take you to get through the area because of an earlier motorcycle crash near stevenson. give yourself plenty of extra time heading south. i want to show you the bay bridge, 25 to 30-minute delay. a little bit worse than it normally is. not too bad but just a little
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slower trying to get into san francisco. the bright spot, 237, not all that bad. a little bit of slowing at stager road in the south bay. we're starting off pretty quiet there compared to what we normally have. we certainly do have some slow traffic but not all that bad. all quiet on the west coast. in fact, cool to cold here in the morning. very, very active low. moving across the country. sunny, warmer. a lot of sunshine this week. getting even warmer. next rain may be around march 6th even though it doesn't look that good. i've been trying to find something that states rain all the way out to the middle of march and i can't find much. this pattern is in place. it doesn't want to budge. kentfield was 6 a. we'll go 66 -- 65. we'll go 66. these temperatures will continue to move up clear skies. cold lows.
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so far, anywhere from 30s to almost 48 degrees on the lows. but the end result will be temperatures warming up, not only today but more so thursday and friday. those look to be the two warmest days. there's plenty of action going to the north. by the time it arrives here, it's in the form of high and mid-level clouds. 30s, 40s. some of these conditions keep these temperatures up. fairfield has a northerly breeze. san jose was 39, now 40. that breeze, though, you can see again northeast santa rosa. that's holding their temperature up. a little bit of a southeast towards napa. the windchill last hour at napa airport was 24. downtown oakland will warm up. 19 inches of snow in amarillo. greatest february amount ever. it's mixed precipitation, turning to severe. it's a big system.
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for us, big high-pressure system parked right over us. sunny, mild, a chilly, cold morning. breezy up in the east bay hills. some of the higher elevations showing gusts to 25.  67 gilroy. 65 pleasanton. 66 redwood city. wednesday, a few high clouds will drag across urs this. low 70s on the high side -- drag across us. low 70s on the high. the focus on top republicans speaking out in support of same-sex marriage.
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well, temperatures cool to cold here this morning. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. looks really good if you like
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sunshine and warm weather. we could use some rain and snow in the mountains. it's not happening. temperatures continue to warm up. look at this. second deadly blizzard in a week moving across the great plains towards upper midwest. the national guard was helping stranded drivers in west texas. almost all of the roads in the texas panhandle are impassible. almost three deaths have been reported, blamed on the storm. the national weather service calls this a crippling historic blizzard. the u.s. military command in afghanistan announced just a few hours ago that its report about a decline in taliban attacks last year was incorrect. they are calling the mistake a clerical error. the military is preparing to release the correct numbers which would show no drop in the number of talks. a noontime ceremony is planned in new york city to mark the 20th anniversary on the first alternate attack on
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the world trade center. the city will honor the six people who died in the 1993 bombing of the garage below one of the twin towers. more than a thousand others were hurt. six islamic extremists were responsible for this attack. 7:15. now we're just three days away from those automatic budget cuts becoming law. president obama is traveling today in his fight to prevent the budget cuts. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the president wants republicans to compromise. kyla? >> reporter: dave, senate democrats came up with a plan that includes both spending cuts and tax increases. senate majority leader, harry reid, was on the floor just a moment ago. republicans around the country, the majority of them support this balanced approach and the only republicans who don't are those who work on capitol hill.
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right now, mcdonald's connell is speaking -- right now, mitch mcconnell is speaking. this is all happening as president obama heads to newport news, virginia where ship yards could be hit the hardest. he says those cuts could be felt in california since the company has a supplier base in all 50 states. but the chairman of the republican governors association says the president's scare tack tis are not working on him. >> i think it's time for the president to leadership. he's been trying to scare the american people, trying to scare now states and others. >> reporter: and some republicans accuse president obama of another possible scare tactic. when he says terrorists will have an easier time getting into america. homeland security says these cuts will hit hard when it comes to boarder security and the tsa.
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president obama is talking in virginia just over three hours from now. he will focus on what he calls a devastating impact on jobs and middle-class families if the automatic sweeping cuts become law on friday. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. well, homeland security secretary janet napolitano says those automatic cuts if they take effect would also mean furloughs for customs inspect. coming up, how -- inspections. coming up, how that could affect the operations of bay ports. we're getting information on the victims shot by christopher dorner. monica quan and keith lawrence were funned down in the parking garage of their irvine condo on february 3rd. newly-released documents show quan's father was worried after seeing early news reports and called police. he told officers that his daughter lived near the shooting scene and that he
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couldn't reach her. police say dorner who was eventually killed by police was angry at the elder quan who represented him at a disciplinary hearing. funeral services are planned for lieu spadia. he -- lou spadia. he died at the age of 92 last week. services will begin at 10:30 in redwood city. 7:18. a third suspect in a san jose homicide almost three years ago is due to make his first court appearance this afternoon. 21-year-old carlos ruiz paz was arraigned on friday. he and two others are accused of the deading shooting and stabbing of jose calderon in 2010. investigators think that killing was tied to san jose's violent street gangs. some very prominent republicans now showing their support for same-sex marriage.
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hewlett-packard's ceo meg whitman is among those who signed a legal brief to be committed to the supreme court arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry. despite the fact that she supported proposition 8 when running for governor in 2010. john huntsman, former governor of utah, last week he announced his new position after being opposed to it. pam cook will have more on this within the republican party. that report is coming up at 7:45. the army private accused of sending thousands of classified government documents to wikileaks will be back in court in maryland today. private first class bradley manning has agreed to plead guilty to reduce charges for 10 of the 22 counts he faces. the judge may consider a move to dismiss all charges on the grounds that manning has not
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received a speedy trial. manning has spent more than a thousand days, about three years in prison without a trial. dennis rodman is visiting north korea. rodman and three members of the harlem globetrotters are with the crew from a new show about their trip that will air on hbo later this year. in san francisco, a plan to install new bike lanes in north beach is very controversy. the bike lanes will be added in the northbound direction on polk street between market and mcalister. a group of business owners say they don't like it because it would involve removing 20 blocks of street blocking. 7:20. and it is another beautiful day. still bad weather may cause delays and cancellations at bay
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area airports. up next, steve paulson will explain how weather is impacting flights. we have new details coming in about the death of two scuba divers off the monterey coast. good morning. 680. what a mess. i will tell you what's going on and why traffic is backing up into pleasant hill.
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we are learning new details about the two scuba divers killed in the waters off the monterey county coast last week. they are identified as volodi meyer and marina buttski. they were diving on friday when they went missing. the couple lived in the ukraine until they moved to the united states in 1999. their cause of death is still under investigation. 7:23. homeland security secretary
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janet napolitano says the automatic budget cuts due to take effect on friday would mean furloughs for custom inspectors. that could slow down incoming shipments at bay area ports. it takes a lot of federal customs agents running a lot of equipment to x-ray and inspect each and every container before trucks or trains can pick them up. >> perhaps most critically, it would add serious consequences to the flow of trade and travel at our nation's ports of entry. we will have to begin to furlough customs and border protection officers who staff the ports. >> if cargo ship can't easily make deliveries at u.s. ports they will likely divert to ports in canada. at, we've posted the seven-page document from the white house outlining the sequester cuts facing the state of california. you can go to it. read it for yourself. look under hot topics on our home page. want to check in again with
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sal. there's another problem on the east bay, 680 a mess in the diablo valley, sal? >> yes, it is. at elsero. there was a crash blocking the left two lanes. they have moved it off the shoulder. it'sing baing up into pleasant hill. if you are driving south on 680 trying to get to san ramon, this is a huge mess for for you. you -- for you. you need to give yourself extra time. if you are a local and you want to get on the freeway, after elsero, you want to get on diablo road, something like that, probably better than this. it's really terrible. northbound slow in the area as well. but not nearly as bad as southbound. let's take a look at the commute, eastbound 580 top of the dublin grade, there's a crash heading over to dublin, some slow traffic backing up into castro valley and 880 southbound to fremont, that will be slow because of an earlier crash near stevenson.
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northbound 280, not to behaving -- outen to. we're having some -- outdone. we're having some slowing there. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have sunshine and cooler weather for february. temperatures are warming up. a few high clouds will be about all that's going to come through. clear skies, cool, cold lows depending upon your location. but i will tell ya, it's just anchored here. "it" being the high-pressure system. 30s and 40s on the lows. some are very cool. others are not too cold. oakland airport 38. san francisco starting off at 47. yesterday the high was 58 today
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we'll go 60 and downtown san francisco, right about where you should be. temperatures are in the average. there is a lot going on. it's just not here. 60s for many. a few upper 50s near the coast. but temperatures continue to climb up and they will do so probably all the way into friday. 70sp pooing up thursday, friday, saturday. still looks good. it's coming up on 7:27. a hot air balloon ride in egypt takes a turn for the worst. what investigators say happened just moments before it took a thousand-foot plunge and crashed. >> reporter: the massive search continues off the monterey coast for a family of four missing boaters whose boat reportedly began to sink. we'll tell you the resources being called in today. >> reporter: we're live in gilroy at a park where police say drugs are sold and used. it's right across the street from a middle school. we'll tell you what police are doing about it.
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7:30. in continuing coverage, the coast guard is out at sea right now searching for a missing family with two young children. investigators believe the family was on a sailboat 65 miles west of monterey but had to abandon ship. alex savidge is live on yerba
7:33 am
buena with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: the coast guard is hopeful this family was able to create some type of a homemade life raft to help them survive in the water. i did just talk with a spokesperson for the coast guard and she confirmed for me they will continue an active search-and-rescue operation today. it's all being coordinated from here on yerba buena island. they do have resources coming in all over for this operation. we saw this morning, a coast guard c-130 airport that took off from mcclellan airport in sacramento. this plane was heading to the search area off the monterey coast. so far no sign of the husband and wife, their 4-year-old son and that little boy's cousin. the family was aboard a 29-foot mirage sailboat, similar to this one in the photo. that boat reportedly started sinking late sunday afternoon about 65 miles off the monterey coast. the coast guard received a may
7:34 am
day call from the coast guard. it's called "charmblow." investigators are hoping someone recognizes this voice. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the "charmblow." >> reporter: that caller said there were going to try to fashion a raft out of cooler and life rings. there was no lifeboat on the boat. the coast guard was going to try to figure out where this sailboat was coming from or going to. there are no reports of a missing boat and the coast guard has been checking with harbor all across california trying to find any report of a boat by the name of "charmblow." they will now expand the search and calling harbor in canada, hawaii and also seattle as well to try to figure out where this boat may have come from. we're expecting an update from the coast guard any minute now. we're told a spokesperson was coming here to the yerba buena island station. we'll bring you an update on "mornings on 2." for now we're live on yerba
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buena island, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. the las vegas police manhunt expand. officials are determined to catch the man accused of gunning down an oakland native on the las vegas strip last thursday. police say the suspect, ammar harris, is armed and dangerous. investigators believe harris gunned down kenneth cheri junior in his masa rautty. the car slammed into a taxicab, it -- mazarati. the car slammed into a taxicab and killed two people. police are putting up photos of harris across billboards. the search expanded to three states in the southeast where harris is known to have lived in the past. the family of an oakland couple holing out hope for their safe return -- holding out hope for their safe return.
7:36 am
the family has not heard from them since january 25th. the last post on facebook said they were going to lima, peru. witnesses saw the couple of february 16th in the town of ikitos. and that they wanted to go on a boat trip on the amazon. there's another concern -- >> all of the financial transactions stopped on january 25th. as a mom, i'm thinking how is my son getting by with no money. >> hand's mother said before her son vanished, he was taking out $200 at a time. the state department says peruvian authorities are doing everything they can to find this couple. 7:34. the la fayette school district will pay $725,000 to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by a former middle school student. last year, the girl's former teacher, michael marette, pleaded guilty to six felony
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sex crimes. her family later sued over the repeated abuse they say she suffered during private tutoring sessions with that teacher. the district did not admit any wrongdoing in agreeing to this settlement. 19 tourists have been killed following a hot air balloon crash. three people originally survived the crash but one of them died a few hours later. the balloon crash happened near the ancient egyptian city of luxor. er vas say there was -- investigators say there was a fire an explosion just before the balloon plunged 1,000 feet to the ground. investigators say this was one of the worse accidents involving tourists in that country, which is already struggling to attract visitors due to growing political
7:38 am
unfavorring reports. >> reporter: i just spoke with a homeless man off camera. he says he hangs out there and he says his friends who hang out here do drugs and sell them. this is right across the street from a middle school. we just saw some kids coming into the school now. i asked the homeless man why are they doing this across the street from a school and he just shrugged his shoulders. now, this is one of the men that police arrested in the last couple of dies during their enforcement. they say 54-year-old richard st. cloud was selling marijuana in the park. his arrest was one of several that took place as part of a special enforcement. police are concerned because the park is located across from brownwell academy middle school, officers say at least one of the men they arrested was a convicted felon and was selling drugs out of his car in plain view of children. they say the number of people drinking alcohol in the park has also increased. residents are pleased that police are stepping up
7:39 am
enforcement but are frustrated with the activity that goes on -- that goes on here. >> you will see kids playing in groups all around. you know bad things are going on over there. i don't even bring my kids over there and i live right across the street. >> reporter: police do not want offenders to think they can have free rein to sell drugs around the school. the crime team will continue to deter criminal activity at miller park. this is located in an older part of town, it's in a middle- class neighborhood. police say this is the no not really known as a neighborhood that would -- not really known as a neighborhood that would attract a lot of time so they are sort of unsure as to why transients as well as people who use drugs are frequenting this area. they want to stay on top of it. they plan to monitor it during the day and keep that up. school it about to get
7:40 am
underway. so we plan to speak to the principal about what the reaction is to give us a little bit of perspective coming up in the next hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:37. a teenager accused in last year's deadly shooting rampage at a high school in ohio is in court this morning and is expected to plead guilty. lawyers say the 18-year-old will change his plea at the hearing for the shooting death of three students. now, this comes one day before the anniversary when he took a grun and -- took a gun and a knife to school and fired ten shots in the school's cafeteria. he admitted to shooting but didn't know why he did it. today marks one year that trayvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman. people plan to mark the day
7:41 am
with several candlelight vigils. simmerman is -- zimmerman is expected to stand trial in june. he says he fired his gun in several defense. people plan to wear hoddies and hold signs demanding justice for trayvon martin. want to check in with sal. >> yeah. >> more problems in the east bay. right now it's slow out of castro valley. >> it sure is. 580, very slow trying to get of dublin. we have a crash blocking lanes at the top of the grade. if you are trying to get out of dublin, normally at this time, it's very light. people are gonna be surprised in a bad way by all of that slow traffic. as we move down and take a look at the nimitz freeway, this has really been slow between hayward and fremont. the traffic is slow because of
7:42 am
an earlier crash near stevenson. that's gone but traffic is still very slow in that area. let's go to 680 walnut creek. southbound is backed up out of concord, all the way down to elsero, the scene of an earlier crash. there was still some debris there. 680 in danville and walnut creek, a big mess. the alternate if you know it is to use some side streets to get through. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a 25 to 30- minute delay trying to get into san francisco. this might improve in about an hour. right now it's not going anywhere. let's go to steve. good morning, everybody. clear skies. cold this morning for some. although, vacaville, 51 degrees because they have a northeast breeze to 26 miles an hour. it's not that bad. it will be a sunny day. a few high clouds, about all we
7:43 am
can write home about. kentfield, 65. today 66. but these temperature trends will continue to go up to at least friday. san francisco 58 to 60. 65 in concord. san jose from 61. today, 64. yep. there's plenty going on. just not here. it's going up and over the ridge of high pressure and diving into the middle of the country for an unbelievable amount of snow and rain. not here, 30s and 40s. fairfield has a good breeze. that's why they are 46 degrees. pittsburg. oakland airport, 38 degrees. 47 half moon bay. they were down to 41. there were some -- there's 30s near the coast as well. some areas are very, very cool. other areas are not too bad. the breeze is not that strong at the surface. there is a component at oakland. here is our monster system.
7:44 am
wichita, kansas, a friend of mine sent this out. 19 inches. norton at donner summit, 17. that may not happen for a long, long time when amarillo gets more snow than we do. the severe weather down into florida. that's a big system. for us, high pressure. sunny and mild, chilly northerning. some are not -- morning. some are not bad. 68 clearlake. 66 pittsburg, antioch. danville, san ramon in there. oakland, 65. berkeley, 63. 67 gilroy to 65 saratoga ga. fremont at 63. upper 50s, low 60s on parts of the coast. mid-60s on the peninsula of menlo park. redwood city. sunshine and warmer weather. a few high clouds. otherwise it will be in the
7:45 am
70s. saturday. 7:42. find out what's moving the markets right now. which part of the country is seeing a 45% jump in home sales. and setting new precedent, we just learned what the retiring pope will be called and what he will be allowed to wear.
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strong earnings reports from home depot and macy's are helping to lift stock indexes. the dow had its worse fall in three months yesterday after closely done tested -- contested elections in italy. taking a live look at the big
7:48 am
board, the dow is back up 65. the nasdaq is up 1. s&p up 3. taking a look at the housing market now. the -- there's fresh evidence, the housing recovery is accelerating. the commerce department says new home sales rose nearly 16% in january. the percentage increase was the largest in nearly 20 years and in the western region, sales skyrocketed 45%. meanwhile, prices for new and previously-listed homes in the largest month areas also jumped. the case-shiller index shows home price ins ceased 6.8% from december 2011 to december 2012. that's the biggest increase in almost seven years. taking sides. some very republicans are weighing in over the battle of same-sex marriage. pam cook is in the studio with the surprising documents due to be submitted to the supreme
7:49 am
court. >> yes. dozens of top republicans have signed a legal brief that states gays have adonis tuesdayal right to marry. that -- have a constitutional right to marry. that will be submitted this week. as of last night, 75 people have signed that legal brief including some well-known republicans who are now changing their chance on the -- stance on the issue. one of them meg whitman who supported proposition 8 when she ran for governor of california. another on the list, jon huntsman, the former utah governor who opposed same-sex marriage during his presidential bid. last week he announced marriage equality is a conservative cause. coming up in the next hour, the argument in the brief that's being filed that states why same-sex marriage actually promotes family values. tori and dave? >> all right. thank you, pam. we've learned what pope benedict xvi will be called
7:50 am
when he officially retires. he will be known as a emeritus pope and will continue to wear right. when he steps down, he lob the first pontiff to do so in 600 years. cardinal levada leaves for the vatican today to help choose the new pope. he will be among the 117 cardinals voting on the replacement for pope benedict xvi. yesterday, he talked about some of the qualities he would be looking for in the next pope. >> a man of prayer, a man of peace, a person who has shown qualities of leadership either through his work in the nature of the archdiocese in the world or possibly through heading a department or perhaps more ideally a combination of those things. >> the cardinals hope to elect a new hope before the start of holy week which begins march
7:51 am
24th. the pope changed the rules of the conclave, a group of cardinals who will choose the new pope allowing them to move up the start date before the usual 15-day period between the start of the conclave. it was one of his last acts before stepping down on thursday. in walnut creek, five senior citizens at a care facility that caught fire have been moved to a new location. this comes after the fire broke out at the senior care facility on bai gorry place. investigators say all five patients were treated for smoke inhalation. one of them is still in the hospital this morning. the six defendants in san francisco's so-called bound-and- gagged murder case are due back in court this morning. they are charged with killing a man charged on the streets in the visitacion valley neighborhood. police say the victim had been bound and gagged, along with a
7:52 am
woman seriously hurt. prosecutors haven't revealed a possible motive but they stress the defendants and victims all new each other. and that is not a random crime. the owners of drake's bay oyster farm in marin county are celebrating a legal victory that should allow them to stay open until at least may. a federal court panel ruled that the company can keep operating while an appeals court considers this. the company was ordered to shut down after then-secretary of state ken salazar decided not to renew the lease. 7:50. people who thought they were helping their dogs eat healthier are now getting a warning. a company that makes a special kind of dog food, well, the food is being recalled. people in australia running for shelter as a cyclone moved toward that country. we'll tell you just how hard that storm is expected to hit.
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7:54 am
7:55 am
we want to go live to yerba buena island where the coast guard is giving an update on the search for missing boaters, the family of four from monterey. >> as i said, right now, there's nothing that points to that vessel. >> nothing about the transition -- [inaudible] do we know where this transmission came from? >> as of the search yesterday -- i'm sorry. based upon the information we got from the radio towers, it does point to this vessel, the transmix being relayed from the watt -- transmission being relayed from the water, about 60 miles off monterey. [the question is inaudible] >> there were two people there
7:56 am
when they called and said they were abandoning ship. [the question is inaudible] >> it depends on the sea conditions. if it's rough enough, it may. boats can be bonant for sometime after they are capsized it depends upon the sea condition. if it's rough enough, that air pocket in the boat could go away and the boat could d eventually not be seen. [the question is inaudible] >> as far as i was told, the conditions were not great. i was told that is common here in california where the sea conditions are normally choppy. the primary focus is to locate the four people. >> would they be able to survive if they were able to craft some type of a lifeboat? >> that's something i can't get into. it starts with how well the
7:57 am
person was hit, the water temperature. that gets into a whole different area that i can't get into it. we were told that -- the operator said he was going to attempt to make something out of the cooler. >> a 29-foot vessel, wouldn't it come with the beacon, the gps. it's not like a canoe that a novice like me would need -- need to know what to do. >> that stuff is not always sold with the boat. that stuff needs to be bought separately. did they mention the boat life jackets? >> your agency has -- >> i don't remember. >> you searched the area several times?
7:58 am
how many times has -- >> we've never left the area. we've been searching all through sunday and yesterday and today with the assets we have on scene. we've never left. >> the area is how big? >> i don't have an exact -- >> you've been listening live to a press conference happening right now in yerba buena island at the coast guard station. just getting an update on the search that's been going on since sunday for a missing family of four and their 29- foot vessel that apparently was taking on water and was abandoned. still at this point, no information on exactly the finding of this vessel. at this point, they don't have any reports of the missing people. so there's no way to identify the family missing. the mother, husband, child and cousin. at this point, they are unsure if they could survive in the where the water. they are trying to put together some type of a raft with an ice chest and a life ring.
7:59 am
but at this point, again, their search is still ongoing. no point of calling it off at this point. ktvu's alex savidge is there at the press conference. he will give us an update coming up shortly. >> a real mystery. >> uh-huh. 7:57. a vandal has been targeting businesses in downtown walnut creek. the amount of damage caused and who the police are searching for. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where we have new information on the deadly hit- and-run collision that happened earlier this morning, including more on the victim and a car description -- coming up. >> reporter: the fbi helps oakland police target a homicide suspect. we'll tell you why more than a dozen people ended up being questioned when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:00 am
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. police are busy searching for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in san jose just hours ago. ktvu's brian flores is at the intersection of monterey and bellevue with the very latest on this investigation. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. i just got off the phone with san jose police. police say the victim in this deadly hit-and-run collision was in her late 40s and she may
8:02 am
have been homeless. before, we only had a brief description of the vehicle that hit her, only described as a dark-colored vehicle. police say they believe the car that hit the woman was some type of smaller car, similar to a honda accord. now, as you can see, a traffic here -- the traffic here on monterey moving closely. still road markings but police continue to investigate the collision that happened at 1:00 a.m. on monterey and bellevue. police say the victim was crossing the street heading from west to east and the dark- colored car hit the woman. the driver of the car didn't stop and continued southbound on monterey. the woman, meantime, was taken to a nearby hospital but because her injuries were severe, life-threatening, she died at that hospital. the woman in her late 40s, police are trying to look for any next of kin. they believe she may have been homeless in the area. as soon as we have more information on that, we'll definitely pass that along and
8:03 am
we'll tell you at 8:45 right here on "mornings on 2." we're live in san jose, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. time now, 8:00. police in walnut creek need your help to try to catch a goo i vandalizing several businesses. this is the surveillance photo. the vandal has caused about $10,000 worth of damage in the downtown area. if you have information, call walnut creek police. the fbi is assisting police in an investigation, following a marathon standoff that ended early this morning. tara moriarty has been covering this story since 4:30 and is live from headquarters. >> reporter: police zeroed in on this particular home in east oakland because they believe a homicide suspect was there. when police arrived, they discovered more than 14 people, some were in the yard, some were in the house. all of them were detained for
8:04 am
questioning. at least two arrests were made. the intense search lasted through the night. the fbi and bomb squad helped the police surround the house on 88th avenue between international boulevard and birch street. at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers were searching a search warrant while investigating two rival gangs out of east oakland for a for a series of retaliatory homicides. we saw police send in a robot to see if anyone was inside. we don't know if that suspect was one of the people arrested. the k-9 unit was brought in. detectives say the items were removed from the home. we don't know if the items were weapons or not since police have remain tight-lipped about this investigation. this is being spearheaded automatic the eastmont substation. we'll see if they have any more specifics about the case.
8:05 am
we've learned two more high- risk warrants are being served in east oakland this morning as part of the cease-fire operation, whether or not they are connected to this case remains to be seen. we're live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. 8:02. friends and family plan to say their final goodbyes to 10 online angelle negron -- 10- year-old angelle negron this morning in castroville. her father, jesus espinoza, is facing murder and child endangerment charges in connection with her death. she's scheduled to appear in court at 1:30 this -- he's scheduled to appear in court at 1:30 this morning. this evening supporters of the downtown berkeley post office hope to make enough noise to keep their post office
8:06 am
open. they want to shut down the building on austin way. a lot of residents say they rely on the current location. they also love the artwork that's part of the building. however the postal service says they need to sell the building to save money and a close a budget deficit. a rally is planned outside of the berkeley city hall at 6:30 p.m. this evening. mobile businesses other than food trucks may soon be allowed to operate in san francisco. the city is drafting rules now that would allow clothing boutiques, art galleries and other kinds of businesses to operate out of a truck. the city still has not decided if the trucks would be regulated in the same way that food trucks are. and if special per myrts are no ga be needed. a drafted version could be completed next month. 8:04. a new california license plate is about to hit the road. it features farming. starting next month, a
8:07 am
commative agricultural -- commemorative license plate will be released. proceeds from this will support ag farming. major commute messes this morning. sal, what's happening with 680? >> it's a mess and so is 580, getting out to the dublin area. we had an earlier crash eastbound 580. in fact, they are still clearing it, coming out of the area eastbound 580 at the dunn lynn grade. they've removed most of it from the grade. it's gone now from the lanes, eastbound 580 getting out of hayward. it's really terrible as you drive out to dublin and has been terrible. 880 southbound from 238 to mowry has been almost an hour -- well, 47 minutes. i don't want to exaggerate too much. it's the better part of an hour as you drive past the freeway there, past the old site of the
8:08 am
accident. let's take a look at the commute. 680, dave mentioned it. it's terrible out of concord to walnut creek and down into the danville area because of earlier troubles. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's about normal. it's about a 25-minute delay. nothing out of the ordinary but still pretty slow getting into san francisco. let's go to steve. a very good morning. severe clear, sunny side up, however you want to say it. not changing much. california, we could sure use the rain. back-to-back months of dry weather will do that. temperatures are continuing to rebound here. so 60s now. kent field yesterday, 65. 66 today. san francisco 68. san jose, from 61 to 64. clear skies, cool to cold lows. there was some really cold readings here this morning. it was more pockets, not
8:09 am
widespread. the warming pattern continues for all starting yesterday. everything continues to ride up and over. there's plenty going on, just not here. it's up in the pacific west. vacaville, 51. a northeast breeze to about 20 miles an hour. near antioch, i've seen some 40s to 50s. livermore now 44. napa was 40. 41 santa rosa with a north wind. that breeze is ale -- is a little bit offshore. half map bay has a northeast breeze. here's the big system. kansas city airport closed tu to a lot of snow. st. louis is 38. chicago has rain and 38 i think but they have gusts to 30 miles
8:10 am
an hour. it's going to turn to snow. out ahead of that, it's rain. wichita, great pictures coming in on huge drifts. just six-foot drifts for some areas in the plains. for us, if you like sunshine and mild conditions. you will love today. windy up in the hills. mt. diablo gusts to 58. not that anybody is up there. that's pretty strong. 60s for many. now low, mid topper -- to upper. i think somebody may touch a 70. i think even the coast will see 60s. tomorrow, redwood city, 66. a lot of sunshine, warmer temperatures. they will top out thursday into friday. friday looks to be the warmest day. weekend always in view. we'll be cooler on sunday. thank you, steve. another week, another blizzard is moving to the upper midwest after trashing texas anthe oklahoma panhandle.
8:11 am
the national weather service calls this a cripping snow blizzard. this is in amarillo, texas. powerful winds and 17 inches of snow trapped drivers on a highway for more than nine hours. the mayor of kansas city told people to stay off the roads. >> declared a state of emergency for kansas city, missouri. treed our best to give as much notice of that potentialality -- potentiality. >> there was a deadly roof collapse in oklahoma. forecasts say the snow will dump snow in airports and chicago has canceled 369 flights so far today. kansas city has canceled 120 flights. 49 flights were canceled in dallas and fort worth which was hit hard yesterday. in total, airlines have canceled more than 1900 flights
8:12 am
in the past 72 hours. >> wow. 8:09. a special brand of dog food is being recalled because it may contain salmonella. the honest kitchen makes raw, dehydrated whole food for dogs and cats. some people says it's healthier. but some of the brands made last year may have been contaminated with salmonella. no word of any pets getting sick. today is world spay day. the spca is performing 93 surgeries marking the occasions but all 90 operations are already booked up. the dublin and oakland clinics offer preregistration to the owners of pit bulldogs, pit bull mitches, chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes as well as cats. they offer this service all year long but many peoples, the
8:13 am
discounted price is expensive as well, for them. online tributes to the victims of the connecticut school massacre. find out why facebook is taking some of those pages down. and california's gasoline prices taking another hit. the decision lawmakers may take today that could make gasoline even more expensive. ♪
8:14 am
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8:16 am
and 70s. temperatures continuing to warm up. 8:13. california officials are predicting more water problems ahead for some farmers. officials say northern california had one of the driest combined januaries and februaries on record -- on record. farmers are getting less water than requested. 8:14. happening right now, president obama is about to board air force one. you see the president walking across the tarmac. he will be flying to newport news, virginia. these roo live pictures from maryland. he will be visiting a shipyard in newport news, virginia highlighting how the automatic impacts will impact the industry. later today, the u.s.
8:17 am
senate is scheduled to vote on proceeding with the confirmation of chuck hagel as secretary of defense. after stalling the nomination for 12 days, late last night, senate republicans said they would end their delaying tactics. now, if he's confirmed he would take the place of outgoing secretary of defense, leon panetta, just days before massive across-the--board cuts are due to hit the pentagon. the president is pushing lawmakers on capitol hill to reach a deal before those automatic budget cuts begin on friday. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the president says republicans need to compromise. kyla? >> reporter: president obama warns that if lawmakers do not come up with a plan before friday, the country will have to dial with 8 $85 billion in cuts. house republicans passed legislation twice in recent
8:18 am
months to make what they call common sense cuts. senate democrats ignored that and came up with a plan that includes raising taxes but republicans re-- refused to do that. they let taxes go up in january. mitch mcconnell just spoke on the senate floor, he said the president are telling americans there are only two options, a tax hike or armageddon. >> the president is a master of creating the impression of chaos as an excuse for government action. >> almost 60% of republicans across the country approach this balanced approach. the only republicans in america that don't approach it are the republicans who serve here in congress. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell says the government has to find a way to cut 2% to 3% of the budget. he said lawmakers can learn a lot with american workers. they are dealing with less than 2% of the budget thanks to the
8:19 am
payroll tax increase going up just last month. we'll see how the president respond when he speaks in about two hours. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. 8:16. congress could start the debate on gun control this week. the committee could begin considering bills as early as thursday but a vote might not happen until next week. the legislation includes proposals to ban military-style weapons, crack down on inlegal gun trafficking and improve school security. this is in response to the push to reduce violence after the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. preventing gun violence will be the topic at sonoma state university. the purpose of the event to have an open discussion about the root causes of gun violence. this starts at noon in the suitian -- student union.
8:20 am
pages were sep up to honor the victims from sandy hook elementary school. the victims' families say the families are being used to exploit or harass them. lawmakers say they are also being used to commit financial fraud. menlo park planning commission has given approval to facebook's plans for a second campus. facebook wants to build offices across highway 101 from the east campus in menlo park. the planning commission set limits including how many trees can be cut down. menlo park city council still has to approve that development. 8:18. general motors wants to give the ceo a big pay raise. gm said dan acerson should earn more than $11 million this year. that's a pay hike of more than
8:21 am
20%. parent of the bailout deal with the federal government means a special pay master has to approve the raise. the treasury department says so far no decision has been made. we just checked. gas prices are on the rise again. gas prices held steady through weekend but they inched up over a half cent overnight. according to aaa, it's averaging 4.25 in san francisco. in other parts of the bay, it's 4.18. and that's up 60 cents a gallon from the end of january. analysts say we should expect to see prices continue to rise as more refineries switch over the gas. and california drivers could be paying the highest tax on the gas if the tax is approved. today state leaders will
8:22 am
consider to increase this to 3.5 cents a gallon. the excise tax is used to pay for transportation projects including road maintenance and bridge repairs. today, the contra costa board of supervisors is due to vote on a site for a new health exchange call center. now, there are reportedly divided between locations in richmond and concord. the call center is one of three opening up in california that will help people with enrolling in affordable care programs. more than 200 employees will be working at the call center. there is a new report out that claims californians could end up spending a third of their income on insurance premiums by the year 2023 without major healthcare reforms. this new report is by a group of healthcare providers, insurers and public health reports -- experts working with uc berkeley. the sacramento "bee" reports the group has come up with recommendation, one of them
8:23 am
successes adopting where insurance companies budget per patient. well, nasa is crediting the mars rover "curiosity" with another major accomplishment. they say "curiosity" has captured a -- transferred a pinch of dust on the lab. scientists hope to analyze the powder in the coming week. they want to determine if this is favorable for microbes and -- microbes. i would like to see the may ooh appoint a mother. >> find out why the push is for a mom. steve is pushing for more rain. we're seeing blue skies around the area. steve will tell you how warm it
8:24 am
will get. all of a sudden all over the bay area, we've had a lot of slow traffic on this tuesday. we'll update the situation -- straight ahead.
8:25 am
8:26 am
in san francisco, there's a push underway for mayor ed lee to appoint someone who is a mother to the board of supervisors. a supervisor position for the sunset district became available last month. this was after mayor lee selected carmen chu to the post
8:27 am
of assessor recorder. so currently, there are no mothers on the board of supervisors. >> i think a mother's voice on the board of supervisors would probably lead to more family- friendly policies, legislation that would make it easier for families to stay in san francisco. >> so far, mayor lee has not indicated who he is considering to kill the position. he says he appreciates suggestion. a new switch to a mediterranean diet, you can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. as part of a five-year study, researchers say the study proves a diet high in fruits, vegetables and good fat. they found the diet can cut the risk of stroke by 30%. the study by the way is being published in the new england journal of medicine. le 8:25. let's go to sal.
8:28 am
you've -- time is now 8:24. let's go to stall. you have problems. >> yes. there is a motorcycle crash with injuries. the traffic will be very slow. normally at this time, it's getting better. so that's a problem. 101 is getting into the act. one of the problems is eastbound 580 getting out of castro valley to the dublin grade. westbound 580 is slow getting into oakland after 880 was a nightmare. 680 still recovering from an earlier crash in danville. it's backed out up out of concord. we're seeing a little bit of an improvement. it's a 20-minute delay. sal, we already have clear skies. 30s, 40s and 50s. there's a pretty good breeze, vacaville, up to davis. eastern solano. except for a few high clouds. i really don't count them. they won't amount to anyone.
8:29 am
it will be sunny to nice to warm. 30s, 40s, there's a 51 fairfield. antioch. there's some areas you get a breeze. 49 already in san francisco. they may be a little warmer than that. that's about a half-hour old. clear skies, cold lows for some. mild for others. just depending upon if that breeze, that breeze up to the higher el elevation to napa county, rather blustery. all signs point to the warmup. a lot of systems in the gulf of alaska. there are not visiting here. 50s, 60s. some of these are mid, we've -- we're gone from below average to above average. tomorrow, thursday, friday looks like the longest day. march 1st and then the weekend still pretty good. it will be cool. no doubt on sunday. 8:27. a surprising move by federal immigration officials what they are doing with some immigrant detainees and the real reason they are doing it.
8:30 am
and the coast guard back out in the waters off the monterey coast today, continuing to search for four missing boaters who had to abandon their sinking sailboat. we'll tell you why the coast guard continues to believe this was a legitimate stress call. >> reporter: we're live in gilroy at a park that's becoming a hotbed for drug activity. it's right across the street from a middle school. we'll tell you what parents are saying this morning and what police are doing.
8:31 am
8:32 am
continuing coverage of that desperate search for four missing boaters. the coast guard still chasing a phantom call for help. crews have been out there
8:33 am
searching the waters 60 miles west of monterey. alex savidge is live on yerba buena island where the coast guard is based. you have what they said live on our air moments ago. >> reporter: del, the -- well, the coast guard does not think this was a hoax. they said they were able too triangulate that distress call, they are certain it did come from the ocean. that's why an active search will continue throughout the day today. two cutters are in the water right now. in addition a coast guard c-130 airport took off from sacramento. that plane is searching as well. so far, no signs of these four missing boaters, the husband, a wife, their 4-year-old son and that little boy's cousin. this family was aboard a 29- foot mirage sailboat, similar in style stott one we're showing you.
8:34 am
the boat reportedly started to sink late sunday, about 65 miles off the coast of monterey. the coast guard received a may day call from the boat. they believe the caller said the boat was named "charmblow" but so far the coast guard has not been able to find any boat by that name. >> we've been calling marinas throughout california and we checked with different spellings. there's nothing that points to that vessel yet. >> reporter: in addition, the coast guard is also checking with harbors in canada, hawaii and seattle for a record of this missing boat. now, during that original distress call, the man said his group was trying to fashion a raft out of coolers and life rings because there was no lifeboat on that boat. the other frustrating as
8:35 am
special of the search the coast guard has been unable to figure out where the boat was coming from, where it was going to and they've still been unable to identify any of the people on board. it's also unusual and important to point out, no one has reported any of these four missing, the folks reportedly on this boat who were on this boat over the weekend. we're live in yerba buena island, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alex. the federal government has released groups of immigrant detainees from jails around the country as a way to save money. a spokeswoman for immigration and customs enforcement says immigration officials have been asked to make sure that they stay within budget. we don't know how many detainees were released. but immigration officials say will still pursue cases. president obama is meeting today with two top republican senators talking about
8:36 am
overhauling the nation's immigration laws. the president will sit down with arizona senator john mccain and south carolina senator lindsey graham. they are part of the bipartisan gang of 8. those senators are working on a plan for immigration reform. 8:33. court documents are revealing new details about the recent murder of a south bay millionaire. a prostitute is among those accused of killing him. the court records to her as one of kumiar's main girls who had tee tailed knowledge of his mansion. her brother is among the other three charged in the murder. police say a man threw dallas ayers to the ground near market and montgomery back on january 28th. he was injured and died last thursday. he was 78.
8:37 am
he sold "kronicles" for -- he sold "chronicles" for years. city park in gilroy has become a playground for drug dealers. that's according to the police and they have increased police patrols. ktvu's janine de la vega is at miller park. you've been out there since 4:30 this morning to tell us about recent arrests and how the community is reacting. janine? >> reporter: in the last 20 minutes we've seen a lot of parents dropping off kids. that's because school got underway at the middle school. it's right across the street from miller park. there's numerous homeless people that hang out here. we actually spoke with them off camera who said, yes, his friends do drugs in the park. they don't care there are across the street from a middle school. police say they are trying to crack down on all of this drug activity.
8:38 am
in the last couple of days, gilroy police have arrested several individuals for selling drugs in the park. there have been many cited for drinking alcohol and concern is growing because, again, this -- this park's proximity to the middle school. the police department is having its anti-crime team do special enforcement at the park because officers don't want offenders think they can have free range to use and sell drugs, especially in plain view of the park and the school where children are. >> as a parent, you are gonna want them to control this and keep it away from the kids. certainly make sure that it's a safe haven for the kids and the families. as far as i'm concerned, i want our city council to step up and take care of this and make sure that we've got a safe community. >> reporter: so far, police have arrested 54-year-old richard st. cloud of gilroy for
8:39 am
selling marijuana in the park. they say at least one person they arrested was a convicted felon, selling drugs out of his car. nearby residents say transients here have tried to come into their home. one resident said she's observed people doing drugs in the park bathroom. the school -- school workers we spoke to said they are aware of the problem. we tried to speak to the principal. they are not yet in the office yet. but back out here live. i spoke to a parent a few moments ago. she told me it's very sad. a lot of the parents here don't use the park just because they don't want their children around it. and they are pleased that police are stepping up the enforcement. we've been here since 4:30 this morning, spoke to police on the phone. they said they did do their sweep through last night. we haven't seen a police car come here since then. they are saying they are continuing to do this enforcement. reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega, ktvu channel
8:40 am
2 news. 8:37. later today, the san jose city council will get its first look at the latest development plan for a five-acre parcel of land in the japantown area. the now-empty lot near jackson and 6th street was used in the past to store and maintain city- owned vehicles. city leaders are considering a big change. they will consider building new homes and stores in the area, possibly even a new city park million. marijuana supporters will try again to gali pot in california. the california cannabis initially are reportedly about to launch a signature-gathering campaign. they need 750,000 signatures by may to get their measure on the 2014 ballot. 2014 is a mid-term election year. some say the measure might have more of a chance in the 2016 election year. 8:38. facebook is being credited for the safe return of a stolen ring in napa almost 16 years
8:41 am
ago. back in 1997, kim rossi's home was broken into and her napa high school class ring was stolen. reslept i a man who bought -- recent had i a man who bought a car deseed -- dear sided to restore it. he found the ring. he contacted the owner on facebook and returned the ring. a bay area teacher stands to gain millions of dollars from the auction of gold coins and bars. the fortune was amassed by her first cousin. he passed away last year in carson city, nevada. about 135 pounds of the gold will be auctioned off today in court. it's commented to raise $3 million. most of that money will go to arlene magnan who lives in the north bay. a new noble report shows more -- national report shows more teens are dying in darr crashes -- in car crashes.
8:42 am
the highway safety conducted this study. in 17 states, including right here in california, officials say the number of deaths actually dropped slightly. all right. it is 8:39. want to check in with sal. hopefully teenagers and everyone driving safely. >> we've had kind of a tough on thought there -- tough one out there. starting off with the maps in the south bay, 85 is a mess because of an earlier motorcycle crash. 101 is a mess. the east bay all red, the road sensor showing a lot of slow traffic where it normally isn't slow out of castro valley. 880 south is slow as you drive from hayward to fremont because of earlier crashes there. it has been terrible. if we move over to contra costa county, 680 is backed up out of concord and pleasant hill down into san ramon because of
8:43 am
earlier crashes. we have a tough one. bay bridge toll plaza is still slow. it's backed up for a 15 to 20- minute delay. we're seeing some improvement there. san francisco, northbound 101, that's moderately heavy approaching the 80 split. we have clear skies cool to cold. kind of mild. you get some of the higher elevations. i've seen gusts get up to 40, a. it's not like -- 40, 50. it's not like that at the surface. 49 in san francisco. i mean, it's going to be a sunny day for everybody. the wind, though, has really cranked up for a few, not showing up on the panel. for most it's an early breeze. you why checked chicago, it's 34. northeast, 30 miles an hour. it's about ready to turn to snow. they have rain on the back side of that.
8:44 am
it's all been snow. we do have clear skies for us except for some higher clouds. it's sunny, mild. dare i say warm? chilly morning, breezy to windy in some of the -- out to the valley and higher elevations. 60 to 68. clearlake in there. it will be close for others. walnut creek is 65. 50s on the coast. redwood city, 66. sunny and warmer weather takes us into wednesday. thursday as well. the warmest days are thursday and friday. cooling trend on sunday. thank you, steve. 8:42. doing an about-face. the prominent republican leaders who say they now support same-sex marriage. do you remember flamboyant nba star dennis rodman? look at him in north korea. what he will be doing over there. >> reporter: we're live in san
8:45 am
jose where we have new information on a fatal hit and run as "mornings on 2" continues. hello?
8:46 am
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reserve's low-interest rate policies are providing key supports for an economy still struggling with high unemployment and is signaling the feds effort to keep bore lowing -- where rowing low will continue. shoppers adjusted to the new payroll tax and gas prices. the dow is up 41. but the nasdaq is down 3. s&p down 2. 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now -- the fbi helping oakland police in a major homicide investigation. police have made two arrests already following a marathon standoff that ended early this morning. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house on 88thth avenue. they shut down surrounding streets. a deadly snowstorm has buried a lot of the great plains state in the midwest the storm is gonna bring a lot of snow to chicago, which, of course, is a major travel hub. busy airports in the midwest like kansas city, they will be
8:49 am
affected, too, if you will be traveling to the east or the midwest today or tomorrow, call ahead. check to make sure. the search is going on for the driver of a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian in san jose. it happened at monterey and bellevue. brian flores is live at the scene right now. you are collecting information. >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. police were here all morning long from about 1:00 to 5:00 this morning. as you take a look, there are road marks there from the investigation. i just got off the phone with san jose police about an hour ago. they tell me that the victim in this case was in her late 40s and that she may have been homeless. now, we have a better car description as well. police say the car that hit the woman may have been a darker- colored car, similar to a honda accord. but again, police continue to investigate this collision. we're on monterey and bellevue.
8:50 am
police say the female victim was trying to cross the street on monterey boulevard when the driver of that dark-colored car struck the woman. there's no pedestrian crossing or stoplights at this particular intersection. regard also, the driver did not stop -- regardless, the driver did not stop and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. she had life-threatening injuries. she died at the hospital. so manies residents -- some residents say this traffic can be deadly. >> i think police should be watching more. a lot of these lights here don't work. >> reporter: now, police have not released the nail of the victim as they are trying to -- name of the victim as they are trying to find any relatives. they say it's still unclear whether speed, drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. police say there was at least one witness that they have interviewed that saw the
8:51 am
police. they have interviewed that person but the call remains if there was any person who saw this. if you did, call police. new this morning we've learned what pope benedict xvi will be called when he officially retired. he will be known as emirates pope. and he will continue to wear white. he will be the first pontiff in 600 years to do so. the former officer of bishop of san francisco, cardinal william levada, leaves for the vatican. he will be among the 117 voting on the replacement for pope benedict xvi. yesterday, the pope changed the conclave rules of allowing the cardinals to move up the date to choose his successors.
8:52 am
a surprising new development in a battle over same-sex marriage. ktvu's pam cook is in the studio now with the document that will be submitted to the supreme court this week. good morning, pam. >> good morning. dozens of well-known republicans have signed a legal brief that states gays have a constitutional right to marry. it will be sent to the supreme court ahead of next month's case when the justices will hear arguments for and against california's proposition 8 which bans same-sex marriage. legal analysts say that brief has the potential to sway conservative justice -- justices not because of the names on the list but because of the legal argument it makes. it states that same-sex marriage promotes family values by allowing children of gay couples to grow up in two- parent homes. it also states that it add vances conservative values of "limited government and maximizing freedom." some names on. list, meg whitman who supported proposition 8 when she ran for
8:53 am
governor of california. jon huntsman, he's the former utah governor who opposed same- sex marriage during his 2012 presidential bid. we've been talking about others. we did get a tweet from gavin newsom celebrating the fact that gop leaders are coming out in support of same-sex marriage. tori and dave? >> all right. thank you, pam. nine minutes before 9:00. the u.s. military command in afghanistan announced a few hours ago that its report about a decline in taliban attacks last year was incorrect. they are calling the mistake a clerical error. the military is preparing to release the correct numbers which would show no drop in the number of attacks. former nba star dennis rodman is visiting north korea.
8:54 am
this is new video of rodman and three members of the harlem globetrotters in pea upyang. they are -- pyongyang. he's known for outlandish behavior and north korea is one of the most regimented society on earth. north korea's young leader, kim jung un , is said to have been a fan of the bulls in the 1990 when rodman helped them win three championships. two bay area women will be honored at the white house, headdy change and haman will be honored as the champions of change. gurma is on her way to becoming a disability rights lawyer. she's the first deaf and blind student at harvard law school. today's also a big day for a highly-respected member of
8:55 am
our ktvu news team who is also a great lady. the city of oakland declared today rita williams day. the veteran ktvu reporter recently received the official proclamation from oakland city hall. it honors her award-winning career as a ground-breaking are television journalist. rita retires from ktvu tomorrow after 35 years here. >> hard to believe she's leaving. she's been a great mentor for a lot of us here. helped break a lot of grounds for women journalists starting when it was very uncommon for a woman to work in front of the cameras. weight wish her the best. 8:543. a big prize on -- we wish her the best. 8:53. a big prize on ticket tuesday. how you can win tickets to the happiest place on earth. southbound 680 as you drive out of the walnut creek area to san ramon is still a mess.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
a cyclone is heading for australia. people already cunning -- running for cover. they expect it to get stronger as it hits the coast tomorrow. a lot of rain and 75-mile-an- hour winds are already hitting that area. 8:56 ticket tuesday. today's winners will get to
8:59 am
visit the happiest place on earth. three lucky viewers will win a grand prize package to visit disneyland. the ma'amic includes a two- night stay at one of the -- imaginic includes a two-night stay at one of the hotels and four week-day tickets. go to and put in mouseketeer for the secret word before midnight. >> that's a good one, tori. >> yes. 8:57. sal, not so good in the traffic this morning. >> everywhere. we've had slow traffic everywhere. we'll start off looking at 680. if you are driving south, it's finally beginning to improve a little bit. we've had slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are driving there, the traffic continues to be slow. between hayward and fremont and eastbound 580, still very slow trying to get out to

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